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March 12, 2010


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There are many ancient texts that tell that Atlantis is buried under all the ice of the antarctic, there are evidence of trees, grass, etc. Evidence that once it was on a different position, maybe on the equatorial plane.

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These are the most artistic photos I have ever seen! The author is extremely creative. He has much inspiration and patience.

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Really only a deep thinker like you could come out with such wonderful ideas. Great analysis and in-depth thinking. The accuracy and detailed explanation is something which differentiates your piece of work from others.

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awesome pictures, is a great idea , use thr images from the NASA to create those paintings so beatful!
and about the fish, is so true, we are contaminating the earth and the animals are paying the consequences

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I like how it all resembles fractals, nature, life and the universe is all about fractals, once that we understand this concept, we can understand the laws of all.

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I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.

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