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March 08, 2009


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eric clapton

this distillation-symbol idea seems off. it isn't the distillation, or perfection of an image that renders it symbolic. rather, distillation occurs to content and manifests as
image. suffering is an idea that can be symbolicaly expressed in a variety of ways perhaps none more powerfully than christ's crucifixion. perhaps the content this artist is
dealing w finds perfect expression in his imagery. when a street ends at an intersection a stop sign says it all.

leo kepler

If you are a painter working on a crucifixion, how do you separate the form from the content?
If we are talking about the creation of a new symbol - "the content manifests intself as image" - that is in some form (?) - how - as if not made by a human hand?
Isn't image a fusion of form and content?

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As far as animals/birds, I ran across several references to rats,
bats, phoenix and peacocks (the birds themselves but not their plumage
which is said to carry bad luck).


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