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Gallery Crawl is edited by Anna Daley, a freelance researcher, educator, editor and writer. Anna has lived in NYC since 2004; she moved there after graduating from Vanderbilt to attend the Parsons the New School for Design/Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum's MA program in the History of the Decorative Arts and Design. In addition to writing and editing Gallery Crawl reviews, Anna regularly presents papers at the Mid-Atlantic Popular Culture/American Culture Association and the National Popular Culture Association symposia.

Anna decided on the tone and the features of Gallery Crawl in order to fill two major voids that she perceived in art journalism. First, there was no extant visual arts publication, analog or digital, that solely focused on New York City—America’s contemporary art capital. Second, she found so much of art criticism to be self-satisfied and impenetrable and so much of art journalism to be concerned solely with rich patrons and the “the next important artist.”

Gallery Crawl is dedicated to providing accessible but never pedestrian reviews of exhibitions great and small.

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PS: Contact Anna at [email protected] if you need help assessing the true value of your or your loved ones' antiques and collectibles. Anna can provide a detailed history of your collection and an estimate of sale value that you can then use to negotiate effectively with galleries and auction houses.